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What’s Got Me Hyped for E3 2018

E3 2018 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is just around the corner! The expo takes place June 12 – 14 in Los Angeles, CA where gaming companies demo games, share new software/hardware/gaming related products, share progress of known games in the works, and – the most anticipated part – announce/tease brand new games.

They started admitting the public in 2017 with Gamer Passes and I have my heart set on going to E3 2019 (with hopefully a Dragon Age: 4 reveal). These passes are not cheap and, as of writing, the remaining Gamer Passes are listed at $249/gamer with the now sold out early bird price at $149. Industry professionals are still prioritized with complimentary passes and early access to spaces/events. 2017 saw over 60,000 total attendees which has caused some reconsideration due to congestion issues at the LA Convention Center. 2018 will see if improvements can be made on 2017, but if not, there may be a venue change for 2019. Whatever happens, I’m making E3 2019 a goal that I’m really excited about.

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Columbus, Ohio’s Vegan Eats

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Matthew and I flew out to surprise my mom in her and my step-dad’s new home of Columbus, Ohio. I’ve never been to Columbus, or Ohio for that matter, and had no idea what sort of atmosphere awaited us. Such as with any trip, Columbus, Ohio’s vegan eats and where to find them were at the top of my list. We found a city on the verge of growth, with a quiet downtown and lively suburbs. If you find yourself downtown, don’t expect much to be open on the weekend or later in the evening.

We were constantly venturing out of downtown for meals and entertainment. It only takes a few blocks to get into Columbus’s active neighborhoods consisting of the gorgeous German Village, Olde Town East, and Short North. The old brick row houses that encroached the city’s edges had me swooning. Vines tracing up a building’s exterior have always been a favorite as mine, as well as the remaining cobblestone roads you can find in plenty throughout German Village.

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Vegan Leather Jacket Nostalgia

When I was around the age of 10, my dad got his first motorcycle. I loved riding with him to grab lunch or for long trips like the Poker Run, a ride that runs from Miami to Key West. The event consists of stopping at set restaurants/bars and drawing a card. Once you got to the final location in Key West, officials record your hand (5 cards) and your score competes with other riders as to who has the best hand. These rides and long trips provided a lot of father-daughter time and fostered my love of motorcycles and the custom designs that many bore. I even took auto body for a short while in high school with the idea of getting into custom motorcycle work. All of that came back to me when I got my hands on this vegan leather jacket.


What Does it Mean to be a Gamer & Why I’m So Passionate About Gaming

Defining someone as a gamer is as diverse as calling someone a sports fan, art-lover, or foodie. Under these umbrella descriptors are labyrinths of passion, reasoning, entertainment, and preferred tastes. Those who fall under the gamer title usually love story telling, well-designed aesthetics/graphics, technology, and connecting with a community. There’s some who live for the enjoyment of getting their hands in a story, rather than reading or watching one. Others love the mechanics, solving puzzles and problems, and/or running endless dungeons/raids/events to get the most ideal stats, gear, and performances. And there’s still more who simply want to have some fun without really diving into either story or mechanics.

I spend a good amount of my free time playing games. Does this negatively impact my life like every sterotypical depiction of the gamer/hacker living in their parents’ basement? The impact is the same as the average person who spends their free time binge watching the latest shows and movies. Only I share my Netflix binges with gaming. Weekends with friends sometimes means sitting around a board game with food and drinks rather than watching sports or going to a restaurant. Gaming can be extremely social. There are huge communities out there, like Twitch, that makes it easy to share your passions with others. If you haven’t heard of Twitch, it’s basically the YouTube of gaming – except users live stream and can immediately interact with their followers. Imagine getting to chat with your favorite YouTube creator during their video and have them respond to you, even do subscriber game groups that allow you to play with them and fellow followers of that individual.

If you’re unfamiliar with gaming or have the automatic reaction to putting your nose up to someone who identifies as a gamer, I can guarantee that it’s not as foreign as you might think.

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Winter Hike to Rattlesnake Ledge

The woods and mountains of the PNW are a major reason I fell in love with the area. I have a goal to get out more, explore more trails, and get comfortable enough to eventually start trekking off of trailed hikes. Rattlesnake Ledge is as well-known hike that’s typically listed as a good hike for beginners. The ledge that the trail leads to has breathtaking, sweeping views of neighboring hills, lakes, roads, and buildings. I originally came to know the spot for its popularity as an engagement or wedding photo destination.

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Valentine’s Day in Black

February’s ruling holiday has never been a favorite of mine. The emphasis on romantic frills, pinks, and lofty, love-drunk attitudes always had me watching others at a distance with slight amusement. The typical Valentine’s Day aesthetics are far from my own preferences. The only part of the holiday that I would look forward to were flowers and going to a favorite restaurant. This Valentine’s Day, I want something to wear that I could feel romantic in. I ended up finding this dress by Zara that had just a touch of romance that works for me. I also knew I could pair it with my shoes from Nae, aptly called Valentina.

Romance includes loving yourself, every aspect of you, and getting to show off what makes you feel good. You don’t need a partner to enjoy the day – you only need to find out how to romance yourself.

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Giving Back with Threads of Love

Years ago I had the privilege to work with a wonderfully driven and caring woman. She recently began a new venture and I’m completely on board with what she’s putting out into the world. Threads of Love was founded by Courtney and Carina, and focuses on mindfully crafted items. They use simple materials including glass beads, gemstones, and wood, carefully choosing pieces for their color combination and properties. Their dream is to give back in macro and micro ways, supporting charities and eventually providing jobs for those in need.

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Why the Honeymoon Can Wait

In the movies, the newlywed couple waves goodbye from their reception, shuffles into a waiting car still dressed in their wedding day attire, and heads off into the unknown. This scenario isn’t complete fiction because for centuries the idea held that after the wedding, the couple’s fertility was the focus. Honeymoons allowed a period for the couple to connect away from others, in an intimate setting, to…well, to get on getting it on.

In America, the traveling piece of this experience wasn’t incorporated until the 1800s, in which a couple would visit relatives and friends unable to make the wedding. This expanded into the upper class as lavish trips to Europe, namely Italy or France. So where does that leave us in the 21st century?

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My 2018 Self-Care Routine

Life brings constant motion and everyone needs their own way to wind down. I find that when I don’t take care of myself, the neglect seeps into other aspects of my life such as work ethic, relationships with other people, and my relationship with myself.

With the new year upon us and a climate empowerment, I wanted to share some ways in which I plan on continuing to give myself the care I derserve. Here’s my any-time list for when I need to de-stress from a rough day or week (or last month woes of wedding planning), need to re-energize my body and mind, or just have some free time to give myself some care.