13 Games for Halloween 2018

I love this time of year. People spend their time embracing the dark side of humanity, learning about folklore, and looking to get a little scared. I’ve aways been interested history, the supernatural, ghost stories, and creepy things (remember those Scary Stories books?). An easy way to get into the spooky spirit is to play some dark games for Halloween vibes.

If you’re like me and not always keen on venturing out to a party or bar on/around Halloween, making the most of your time at home is a perfect option. Invite friends over, or just hang with your roommate(s)/significant other(s)/pets/yourself, and settle into whatever sets the spooky vibe. I’ve given the games below ratings so if you can pick one that fits your comfort level. However, I would like to mention that I don’t recommend most of these games for younger children as there are serious/dark themes in almost all of them.

Here are 13 games for Halloween to feed your introverted holiday celebration. Happy paranormal playing, gamers!

1) Luigi’s Mansion

Scare Rating: 0/10
Game Cube, Nintendo 3DS

Starting off really mellow here. Obviously one of the games on this list that would be decent for kids, Luigi’s Mansion is a fun, feel-good game to curl up with. Luigi has won a mansion in a contest and you’re entering it for the first time. With Mario no where to be found, Luigi gets to be the hero of this story.

2) Betrayal at House on the Hill

Scare Rating: 1/10
Board Game

This is my curve ball on this list and my current favorite board game. Play this if you have at least an hour to kill and 3-6 people over willing to join in. The premise is that you and your group are exploring a house, room by room. As you move through a doorway, you draw a random card to discover what room you’re now in. There are Items, Events, and something called Omens that lead to the game’s main event – the Haunt. What you find out is that one of the players has betrayed your group, who and how are dictated by how the Haunt is revealed. The play style switches from exploration to survival, with a Traitor vs. Survivors format. Each side gets their own rule book to explain what their goal is. In the base game, there are 50 different haunts that can occur. Watch the video below for some how-to-play explanation and a taste of what playing looks like via Geek & Sundry.


3) Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies (DLC)

Scare Rating: 2/10
PC, PS4, Xbox One

I was able to play this while working at PAX West a few months ago and honestly loved it. If you already play Far Car, this is just a really entertaining DLC. You play through a script pitch about a zombie attack. As the script is debated and changed, your environment changes around you. There’s plenty of swearing, expected zombie fighting, and comedic moments.


4) Oxenfree 

Scare Rating: 2/10
PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch
Watch Instead of Play: Geek Remix play and talk theories

Probably my favorite video game on this list, Oxenfree combines choosing your own dialogue (and therefore some outcomes), spooky vibes, and stunning visuals into an interesting story. Overall, the gameplay is relaxed. You play a girl teenager named Alex who is venturing onto an island for a party. There’s some talk about a haunted cave, so a few of the friends go exploring. An interaction with a radio starts off a bizarre sequence of events that will leave you trying to piece together the clues and doubting what events are even real.


5) Gone Home

Scare Rating: 3/10
Pure Suspense/First-person
PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

This is a quick game that my best friend made me play with her because she was unsure what it was going to be. You play as a girl named Katie who comes home after some time away to find it abandoned but mostly in order. You explore your house looking for clues about your parents and sister, constantly waiting for something…anything…to happen. I’ll admit to pausing the game a few times because my nerves were getting the better of me, but that’s the point. Perfectly fine game to play on your own or with another that won’t keep you from sleeping.


6) Inside

Scare Rating: 4/10
PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch

Inside has a bizarre nature rather than anything truly scary. You play as a young boy making his way through a military base or science facility while trying to remain undetected. You blend in with zombie-like people, run through forests, and use mind control abilities to make your way to your goal…whatever that might be.


7) Dead by Daylight

Scare Rating: 5/10
PC, PS4, Xbox One

This survival game sets you up as one of four people escaping your would-be killer. You’re trapped in an area and have tasks to complete to open the door to your freedom, all the while being hunted. There’s an anxiety to the gameplay that comes with hiding from another character. The fear factor comes in when you get caught. You will be brought back to a base and wounded, left for dead. You can try to fight your way out, hope one of the other players ventures into the base to free you, or await your fate. There are multiple maps, characters, and would-be killers.


8) We Happy Few

Scare Rating: 5/10
PC, PS3, Xbox 360

I wrote about this game for my E3 2018 review so to recap, you’re in a post-war society where taking a pill called Joy keeps you happy. When you stop taking Joy you see your world as it really is. Don’t take your pill enough and those around you will notice and become hostile. This is a first-person game involving survival as you attempt to flee the failing city.



9) Alice: Madness Returns

Scare Rating: 5.5/10
PC, PS3, Xbox 360

This game is the sequel to American McGee’s Alice and follows a twisted version of what happened to Alice after Wonderland. A 19-year-old Alice is out of the insane asylum and now resides in an orphanage. Her visions of Wonderland still haunt her and madness descends once again. During the time of year when everyone is twisting their favorite stories and fairy-tales, this creepy spin on Alice fits right in and may give you nightmares of your own.


10) Bloodborne

Scare Rating: 6/10
Watch Instead of Play: Eurogamer’s Let’s Play with Johnny and Aoife

This is a perfect game for October and getting into the Halloween vibe. You are a Hunter in a Victorian-gothic setting who hunts down creatures created by a blood-borne disease, trying to find its source. I first saw this game while my husband was watching Johnny and Aoife of Eurogamer play. They make watching this game hilarious. If you’re looking to be entertained and laugh often, I highly recommend watching this duo get through the game with their character, Richard “Dick” Kickens.


11) Five Nights at Freddy’s

Scare Rating: 7/10

This is the first of a series of games (the FNaF series) that have some pretty crazy plot lines. I originally found this game through Mat Pat’s channel The Game Theorists where he made many a video trying to figure out just what these games are about. An indie game created by Scott Cawthon, its themes include murder, stealing souls of children, and revenge that revolve around a restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Once you learn about the world behind the games, the games are much darker than you would have thought.



12) Until Dawn

Scare Rating: 8/10
Watch Instead of Play: Geek Remix play and talk theories

This is another game that allows you to choose dialogue and actions, determining outcomes. After a mean prank causes two sisters to run into the woods and be lost, their brother and friend group revisit the site a year later. Events soon take a horrifying turn as each person fights for their life against an unknown stranger. Their survival depends on actions you choose throughout the game for every member of the group. The actions you are asked to make usually have a timer, and split-second decisions sometimes left me regretting my choice. A great game to play on your own or with others, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat asking, “What should I do?” over and over.


13) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Scare Rating: 9/10
PC, PS4, Xbox One
Watch Instead of Play: Geek Remix play and talk theories

A classic series, Resident Evil knows how to deliver a scare. You play as Ethan, looking for his missing wife, on a plantation in Louisiana. The first-person shooter perspective always adds to fear when playing horror games. Playing through an old house, a fading flash light, and a crazed family trying to kill you, it’s a good game to play if you want to get your heart pumping after dark.

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